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Thank-you for taking the time to write about your travels! I can't wait to leave for will only be our second time...but, am hoping to make it a yearly adventure!
My husband David and I travel the same as you and your wife...happy to be there..and enjoying what comes our way with a smile!

the turnip

Tom, I loved your travelogue! It was good for many laughs. I cam here looking for Poland info and ended up staying for the whole thing. I do believe we may have "met" on the Fodors board. I go by the name "turnip" and it was my travelogue about Cesky Krumlov that gave the directions of finding the Chinese restaurant sign in order to locate the Cellar. Yum.

From one travel planner to another - Cheers and keep up the amazing work.

tpr aka the Teutonic turnip

mimi taylor(cigalechanta)

your blog is a joy to read.
In France there's a drink that tastes like Campari,
it's also gentian based but it is yellow and is called SUZE

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